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If you’ve been trying to understand the world lately, you may find that it has become increasingly difficult to find sources of truly critical, thorough, and skeptical journalism.

The once trusted “mainstream media” have been decimated by technology and consolidation that makes true investigative journalism an exception.  Many suspect that they have been further compromised by ideological bias and the need to placate their shareholders.

“traditional media can no longer claim our trust”

The fact is that the traditional media can no longer claim our trust on any controversial topic.  Media is now integrated into multinational conglomerates operated by one-percenters who mingle comfortably with the political and business elites that they are supposed to scrutinize.  Events like the White House Correspondents’ Dinner are flamboyant spectacles of out-of-touch journalists fawning over out-of-touch politicians.

Into this din of media self-aggrandizement there is a counterbalancing force, the internet, that allows citizen journalists to interrupt the party. The problem here is that much of this content is conspiratorial, un-critical, or poorly researched and argued. However, there are nuggets to be found.

According to Gallup, trust in media by Americans of all political stripes is sharply down.



Today, ordinary citizens like Edward Snowden, Chelsey Manning, Julain Assange, and many others are breaking through the crumbling media monopoly to expose the incompetency, corruption, denials, and lies of governments, corporations, and their media bitches.

DogmaWatch.com is just one more small voice to challenge bad ideas and promote reason, secular values, and skepticism.  While there are many blatantly bad ideas coming out of the political Right that shall be skewered in this blog, the intent is to focus on the more subtle forms of dogma that masquerade as tolerance and liberalism but are actually ignorance, intolerance, or political correctness.  In doing so, DogmaWatch.com expects to offend individuals across the political spectrum.

DogmaWatch.com believes in classical liberal values such as:
  • Freedom of speech, freedom of conscience
  • Democracy, secular law, separation of church and state
  • Science, reason
  • Critical/skeptical thought
  • Human rights, the right to self determination, property rights
  • Gender equality, LGBTQ rights, the right to question these rights
  • Personal responsibility
We oppose:
  • Censorship, blasphemy laws, thought policing
  • Hate, hate speech laws (like bill C-16)
  • Theocracy
  • Corporate or religious interference with government
  • Unregulated capitalism, collectivism
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Racism (against any group including “white” people), bigotry, sexism
  • 3rd wave intersectional feminism
  • Unscientific assertions about gender identity/expression that are not supposed to be questioned
  • Victimhood mentality

Ideas don’t have rights, people do

In challenging bad liberal dogma, bigots and racists will find no traction here!  We challenge bad ideas. Ideas don’t have rights and may be criticized and mocked.  We don’t demonize entire groups of people nor do we intend to be a platform for name-calling commenters. However, lively spirited yet civil debate is encouraged and will not be censored.  Ideas should be judged on their merits and not on who promotes them.

Warning: this is not a “safe space”!

DogmaWatch.com is pro-free speech and intends to be open to all ideas that are presented in a well-argued manner regardless of how offensive they may be.  No topic is off-limits, nothing is sacred!