Brussels: The Statement World Leaders Should Have Made

Every time Islamists attack, western leaders release their usual boiler-plate statements that fail to name the problem. They talk about “terrorists” in generic terms and how “our thoughts and prayers” are with the victims etc.  To hell with the platitudes!

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Jihad in Brussels: The New Normal

How high does the death toll have to reach before Europe and the west realize that Islam is not inspiring peace among it’s most ardent adherents?

What happened in Brussels today has been “normal” in many countries in the mid-east and north Africa for years. Recent attacks (rarely covered in western media) include:

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WTF?: Feminist Glaciology “Science”!

Consider this recent paper out of the University of Oregon:

Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research

“feminist glaciology”: really? Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds!

The paper adopts the language of 3rd wave feminism such as “male privilege”, “imperialism”, “colonialism”, “elite masculinities”, “neoliberalism”, “patriarchy”, blah blah blah…

It conflates and intermingles science, feminism, art, politics, and more into another reason to blame patriarchy for everything.

The sad aspect to this, is that it gives climate change deniers one more reason to distrust climate change science. Not cool!

Here is some typical woo from the paper: Continue reading “WTF?: Feminist Glaciology “Science”!”


FBI vs. Apple: Weapons of Mass Confusion

In the twisted Orwellian logic of government political correctness, the FBI has decided to attack the wrong people.

From political pulpits on the left, especially the Obama administration, we continue to hear the same tired rhetoric: that terrorism has absolutely nothing at all to do with Islam. On the right-wing, every Muslim is a terrorist.

Unfortunately, episodes like the San Bernardino Jihad attack Continue to remind us about just how far regressive leftists are willing to go to deny the obvious. Everything that needed to be known in order to predict this attack should have been clearly obvious to law-enforcement had they not been boxed in by a politically correct narrative that denies the linkage between Islamism and violent Jihad. The truth was out there: Continue reading “FBI vs. Apple: Weapons of Mass Confusion”