Obama Speaks at Extremist Mosque, Women Segregated

Key points:

It is amazing how far some “progressive” politicians will go to pander to regressive attitudes.  The gender apartheid practiced at the Islamic Society of Baltimore requires women to be segregated from men.  It is shameful that president Obama chose to patronize this mosque rather than selecting a more progressive mosque that respects civil rights.

Meanwhile, Obama’s speechwriter used an out-of-context quote from one of the Hadith (collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad).  The cherry picked phrase seems to echo the Golden rule about treating people the way you want to be treated.  However, the next few sentences advocates obedience to a Caliph and the need to behead anyone the challenges the Caliph.

“Whoever wishes to be delivered from the fire and enter the garden should die with faith in Allah and the Last Day and should treat the people as he wishes to be treated by them. He who swears allegiance to a Caliph should give him the piedge of his hand and the sincerity of his heart (i. e. submit to him both outwardly as well as inwardly). He should obey him to the best of his capacity. If another man comes forward (as a claimant to Caliphate), disputing his authority, they (the Muslims) should behead the latter.” Sahih Muslim book 20, no. 4546

In quoting from this text, the speech writer is either naïve or deviously clever for simultaneously appeasing ignorant liberals and covertly nodding to extremists. Well played either way!

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Video: Me and the Mosque , a film about gender discrimination in Canadian Mosques (National Film Board of Canada)


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Good to see that someone is paying attention!