Divisive CBC Marketplace race baiting prank: this is “Fake News”

You may have seen so called “social experiment” videos by YouTube vloggers where unwitting passersby are punked into exposing their ignorance or bigotry.

In a mean spirited version of Ashton Kuscher’s Punk’d, the CBC Marketplace program managed to entrap a few rednecks into purchasing “racist” T-shirts as if that proves how deeply racist Canadians are.

Remember, this isn’t Rick Mercer’s comedic Talking to Americans:  this is a supposed “journalistic” exposé by CBC Marketplace apparently intended to prove just how racist white Canadians are. Instead, it is a cringe worthy hit piece that is laden with logical fallacies – or what is now referred to as “fake news”. Continue reading “Divisive CBC Marketplace race baiting prank: this is “Fake News””