Cologne Mass Sexual Assaults: an Immigrant Perspective

The Angry Foreigner is a Swedish immigrant and citizen journalist who brilliantly exposes the politically correct media in his country. His YouTube videos are typically well researched and entertaining.

When the media censors itself for political correctness or the misguided notion that they should avoid fanning the flames of xenophobia, they will ultimately fail as journalists and also amplify xenophobia.


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How to we stop this from coming to North America? We are willingly taking in anyone without doing a proper investigation. How can you vet people in a worn torn country like Syria? Like, let me just go to the government office and get the file? Why should we accept people who do not believe in our liberal values and have no intention to assimilate? What are our governments doing to protect women? Why aren’t we getting answers to that before we throw out the welcome mat? There are plenty of other people who need our help that have values… Read more »