Ontario is Racist According to Government Funded Survey

Identity Politics vs. us Little People

A headline in the Toronto Star reads:

Ontario facing ‘epidemic of Islamophobia’ survey finds

The Star article asserts that we are “facing a wave of something sinister — Islamophobia”. According to the survey:

  • Only a third of Ontarians have a positive impression of Islam
  • More than half feel its mainstream doctrines promote violence
  • 75% of Ontarians believe we need to prioritize people here
  • 75% of Ontarians said they feel Muslim immigrants have fundamentally different values

Despite a generally positive view of immigrants, 53 per cent of Ontarians said we should only allow immigrants from countries that have similar values to our own while 74 per cent said we need to be more strict about what kinds of immigrants we accept. – The Star

The survey was funded by the province and the City of Toronto (yes: our money).

This survey, the way it is being interpreted and spun by the media and political class, is another nauseating example of a very ugly form of Identity Politics. Ironically, the author of this race baiting tripe (Nicholas Keung) only weeks ago published an article “Canada ranks 4th most welcoming country for refugees”. Either Ontario is an anomaly within Canada or in mere weeks we have become a hotbed of racism in the esteem of Mr Keung!

This “news” article comes in the wake of full-on assault by political demagogues to downplay and deny the growing violence that Islamists are committing here in the west and abroad: for example, Kathleen Wynne: “Homophobia cannot be fought with Islamophobia” in reaction to the Gay Nightclub Massacre.

In order to justify this need to constantly warn of “Islamophobia”, we see completely false examples being used again and again by politicians and “journalists” like Mr Keung. In the Star article, he cites an incident in a London, Ont. supermarket where a woman’s hijab was pulled by another woman wearing a red Canada T-shirt. The problem is that this incident isn’t the “Islamophobic” hate crime that Keung, Ralph Goodale, Peggy Sattler, and many other virtue signalling political types claim. In fact, the alleged perpetrator, 38-year old Sheila Shaidaie, appeared in court with a Farsi interpreter (Farsi is a language spoken almost exclusively by people from Iran). In other-words: not a hate crime at all. However, Keung and others who ought to know better, continue to use this debunked case as proof for their manufactured racism/“Islamophobia” narrative.

That’s not to say that anti-Muslim bigotry doesn’t exists – it does. However, not to the extent that the Islamophobia industry and virtue signalling politicians would have us believe. Anyone who has studied hate crime statistics knows that Jews are victimized much more frequently than Muslims and by a significant margin. 

In Toronto, there are more than double the number of Muslims (212,345) compared to Jews (98,690) according to Statistics Canada. In spite of a much smaller Jewish population, there are more total hate crimes against Jews according to Toronto Police data. Per capita, Jews are 2.8 time more likely than Muslims to be the victim of a hate crime in Toronto. Yet you would believe otherwise by relying on Toronto Star headlines where the canard of Islamophobia is constantly retailed:

This is just a small sample of some of The Star’s recent “Islamophobia” hyperbole masquerading as journalism.

It seems that regressives like Keung need to be schooled to understand an alternate, more plausible, more legitimate explanation of the poll results:

Only a third of Ontarians have a positive impression of Islam:

Perhaps this is because devout adherents of Islam are engaged in ongoing Jihad violence, in the name of their prophet, and their religious leaders are failing to reign them in. In many instances, they are promoting them. In the “holy” month of Ramadan the headlines have been filled with horrific scenes of carnage: Orlando, Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, Nice and many more.

While the small but important minority of Muslim reformers have the honesty to acknowledge the religiously motivated actions of their Islamist and Jihadist counterparts, “mainstream” Muslim leaders typically respond with tepid denial. They seldom offer a condemnation or refutation of the very doctrines and passages that justify such violence or the state actors like Saudi Arabia and Iran who fund and promote these violent doctrines. There is far more passion by many Muslim leaders and organizations such as the IOC to vociferously condemn cartoons, books, and other democratically protected free speech insisting that we should not offend their 7th century values. To do otherwise is “Islamophobia”.

More than half feel its mainstream doctrines promote violence

The mainstream of Muslim belief, as reported in numerous polls (Pew for example), demonstrates that most Muslims do believe in Islamic doctrines such as punishment or death for sins such as homosexuality, apostasy, adultery, etc. Anyone who has read the Islamic holy texts knows that these barbaric punishments are part of the doctrine as interpreted by even “mainstream” Muslim clerics and rejected by only a small minority of liberal and reform Muslims. It is undisputed that Muhammad, the prophet and perfect example for almost all devout Muslims, was a warlord who killed and executed people, had slaves, and married a 6-year-old girl when he was in his 50’s.

According to mainstream Islamic doctrine, what Muhammad did is good (halal) and devout Muslims should copy his example. For this reason, we see Jihad warfare, slavery, underage marriage, and other barbaric culteral/religious/political practices happening in Muslim countries to this day.

75% of Ontarians believe we need to prioritize people here

And why shouldn’t we? Far too many of our own aboriginal communities live in poverty, without safe drinking water, and without economic opportunity. Our youth face high unemployment. Our cities grow congested, with high housing costs that make it difficult for young families to afford homes. Yet the new Liberal government made Syrian refugees their top priority. So much so, that they are fast-tracking and short-cutting the screening process at the risk of our security.

75% of Ontarians said they feel Muslim immigrants have fundamentally different values

We have seen plenty of evidence of this especially in Europe where rape has become an epidemic in cities with large Muslim populations. The point is driven home each time another Jihad attack is perpetrated, each time Cologne-like mass sexual assaults happen and are covered-up.

There are plenty of progressive Muslims like Raheel Raza, Irshad Manji, and Majid Nawaz who denounce the 7th century values of fundamentalist/traditionalist Muslims and are working to reform the religion to be compatible with modern values. In the meantime, media/political demagogues deny the fact that mainstream fundamentalist and political Islam (Islamism) are not compatible with modern values. Fortunately, 75% of Ontarians understand this while the pandering political class and legacy media do not. Listen to the wisdom of the people!

In the meantime, more data emerges about the incompatible values of some of our new Syrian refugees: not by our authoritarian legacy media such as the CBC, but by new media entrant The Rebel. Before anyone else, The Rebel employed old-fashioned investigative journalism, mostly abandoned by legacy media, to discover 2,700 emails involving Fredericton High School detailing just how incompatible the values of some Muslims can be. These values, and our acquiescence, allow men in their 20’s to sexually harass 14 year old girls, bully Jewish kids, threaten and swear at teachers, demand sharia style gender segregation, and refuse to speak English, etc. In spite of the scale of this problem, it has been under-reported and downplayed by legacy media because it undermines the “Islamophobia” victim-hood narrative where Canadian identity is is supposed to be a symbol of shame.

Instead of using this survey to try and shame us into accepting the narrative of race baiting identity politics, why don’t you listen to the people of this province?! We don’t want to become Europe, with “no go zones” and armed troops in our streets, living under constant fear of the next Jihad attack while our political masters warn of “Islamophobia”!

This denial of the Islamist reality via the constant “Islamophobia” rhetoric is fueling a backlash among the little people who no longer feel compelled to deny the obvious. Undoubtedly, this much-needed backlash is what pushed the Brexit vote over the top and may well push Donald Trump into the White House.

The common theme here is that we-the-people are tired of the pandering, bought-and-paid for political class constantly ignoring the will of the people. This is not a left vs. right battle: it is an authoritarian vs anti-authoritarian division. Those who value a narrative based on wishful thinking over those who value fact-based reality.

It’s time to act by engaging in the political process. Call/write your MP, MPP, and the prime minister and let them know what you think!


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