FBI vs. Apple: Weapons of Mass Confusion

In the twisted Orwellian logic of government political correctness, the FBI has decided to attack the wrong people.

From political pulpits on the left, especially the Obama administration, we continue to hear the same tired rhetoric: that terrorism has absolutely nothing at all to do with Islam. On the right-wing, every Muslim is a terrorist.

Unfortunately, episodes like the San Bernardino Jihad attack Continue to remind us about just how far regressive leftists are willing to go to deny the obvious. Everything that needed to be known in order to predict this attack should have been clearly obvious to law-enforcement had they not been boxed in by a politically correct narrative that denies the linkage between Islamism and violent Jihad. The truth was out there:

The lesson that needed to be learned, is that political correctness is getting people killed and it needs to stop. Instead of addressing this core issue, the FBI Has decided to attack Apple for not agreeing to create a backdoor that can be used to harvest their iPhone data, after-the-fact, well after the avoidable carnage has been wrought.

The FBI/Apple battle obfuscates the much deeper problem: that political correctness is prohibiting government agencies from employing techniques like behavioral profiling and even basic social media screening as part of the immigration vetting process.

For example, DHS founder turned whistleblower Phil Haney Spent years building a database to identify possible radicals. However, his program was shut down in an act of political correctness: not wanting to “profile Muslims”. His database had linked the Al-Huda School and the Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah Mosque in San Bernardino (where Farook and Malik attended) to Islamist radicalism.

For years, Islamist organizations such as CAIR Have been successfully lobbying the Obama administration to deny a link between Islam/Islamism and terrorism:

Most people aren’t fooled by the denials of the regressive left. In fact, decent and reasonable people are getting very angry with the constant lies and bullshit! We have been alienated by progressives and yet don’t want to align ourselves with the political/religious right. However, that is where the momentum is moving because people are so fed up.

If you want to fight the far-right, start being honest about the violent nature of Islamist ideology. Pretending it ain’t so makes reasonable people have to choose between delusion or bigotry.

We don’t need mass surveillance and all the invasive technological toys the NSA wants to keep us safe. It didn’t stop the San Bernardino attack. Law enforcement wastes valuable resources by treating every citizen as an equal potential threat. Behavioral profiling is a legitimate technique in spite of some people’s belief that it’s not fair. Get over it!

We need human and electronic resources focused on specific targets such as mosques, militias, social media, etc. In the meantime, there will be more and worse deadly Jihad attacks. In the aftermath, law enforcement will wonder aloud about the motives when anyone not crippled by political correctness will know right away that this is the the work of true believers of an Islamist death cult.

Wake up!


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Excellent article. Where have all the smart people gone? Why are people on the left so blind? Such as shame that we will have to align the right to wake people up!