Jihad in Brussels: The New Normal

How high does the death toll have to reach before Europe and the west realize that Islam is not inspiring peace among it’s most ardent adherents?

What happened in Brussels today has been “normal” in many countries in the mid-east and north Africa for years. Recent attacks (rarely covered in western media) include:

This is not to mention the daily carnage going on inside the Islamic State itself. It also doesn’t include the almost daily Jihad knife attacks against Jews inside Israel.

Meanwhile, politically correct western politicians such as Obama, Clinton, and Trudeau, continue to parrot each others platitudes – gag!

Time for some honesty about Islamist ideology.

Time to protect democracy against a political ideology that is antithetical to liberal values.

  • End the Saudi funding of mosques
  • Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists, deport their Imams, and close their mosques
  • Call out Islamists who believe in death for apostasy and all the other sharia bullshit. They should be as socially acceptable to liberal people as the KKK.
  • Call out regressive liberals and Islamists who lie about root cause and use “islamophobia” as an excuse to shut down honest debate
  • Stop importing more Islamist immigrants who despise western values and don’t want to integrate
  • Provide favourable immigration opportunities for liberal Muslims, ex-Muslims, non-Muslims, gays, etc. who want to integrate and are the most victimized at the hands of ISIS and other radicals

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