WTF?: Feminist Glaciology “Science”!

Consider this recent paper out of the University of Oregon:

Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research

“feminist glaciology”: really? Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds!

The paper adopts the language of 3rd wave feminism such as “male privilege”, “imperialism”, “colonialism”, “elite masculinities”, “neoliberalism”, “patriarchy”, blah blah blah…

It conflates and intermingles science, feminism, art, politics, and more into another reason to blame patriarchy for everything.

The sad aspect to this, is that it gives climate change deniers one more reason to distrust climate change science. Not cool!

Here is some typical woo from the paper:

In addition to glacier artwork, there is also a growing body of literature that expands understandings of the cryosphere and grapples with core issues in feminist geography

‘It was Farhana who told me that Pakistan has more glaciers than anywhere outside the poles. And I’ve seen them! I’ve even seen them fuck!

  • In Pakistan, that’s punishable by stoning to death isn’t it?

Public discourse on the cryosphere continues to privilege, quite explicitly, manly endeavours and adventures in the field…

  • Is that an ice axe in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

…also called for studies to move ‘beyond gender’, to include analyses of power, justice, and knowledge production as well as ‘to unsettle and challenge dominant assumptions’ that are often embedded in Eurocentric knowledges

  • Must move ‘beyond gender’ to find another pool of victims eh?

The paper can be found here:


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