Ontario is Racist According to Government Funded Survey

Identity Politics vs. us Little People

A headline in the Toronto Star reads:

Ontario facing ‘epidemic of Islamophobia’ survey finds

The Star article asserts that we are “facing a wave of something sinister — Islamophobia”. According to the survey:

  • Only a third of Ontarians have a positive impression of Islam
  • More than half feel its mainstream doctrines promote violence
  • 75% of Ontarians believe we need to prioritize people here
  • 75% of Ontarians said they feel Muslim immigrants have fundamentally different values

Despite a generally positive view of immigrants, 53 per cent of Ontarians said we should only allow immigrants from countries that have similar values to our own while 74 per cent said we need to be more strict about what kinds of immigrants we accept. – The Star

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FBI vs. Apple: Weapons of Mass Confusion

In the twisted Orwellian logic of government political correctness, the FBI has decided to attack the wrong people.

From political pulpits on the left, especially the Obama administration, we continue to hear the same tired rhetoric: that terrorism has absolutely nothing at all to do with Islam. On the right-wing, every Muslim is a terrorist.

Unfortunately, episodes like the San Bernardino Jihad attack Continue to remind us about just how far regressive leftists are willing to go to deny the obvious. Everything that needed to be known in order to predict this attack should have been clearly obvious to law-enforcement had they not been boxed in by a politically correct narrative that denies the linkage between Islamism and violent Jihad. The truth was out there: Continue reading “FBI vs. Apple: Weapons of Mass Confusion”


Honor Killing Film Shortlisted for Oscar

The new film “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness” has been nominated for best Documentary Short at this year’s Academy Awards. It documents the incredible story of Saba Qaiser who was shot in the head by her own father, and left for dead in a river in Pakistan. Continue reading “Honor Killing Film Shortlisted for Oscar”


Cologne Mass Sexual Assaults: an Immigrant Perspective

The Angry Foreigner is a Swedish immigrant and citizen journalist who brilliantly exposes the politically correct media in his country. His YouTube videos are typically well researched and entertaining.

When the media censors itself for political correctness or the misguided notion that they should avoid fanning the flames of xenophobia, they will ultimately fail as journalists and also amplify xenophobia.


Intercept Reporter Fabricated Quotes, Invented Sources

“The Intercept recently discovered a pattern of deception in the actions of a staff member. The employee, Juan Thompson, was a staff reporter from November 2014 until last month. Thompson fabricated several quotes in his stories and created fake email accounts that he used to impersonate people, one of which was a Gmail account in my name.”


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