Brussels: The Statement World Leaders Should Have Made

Every time Islamists attack, western leaders release their usual boiler-plate statements that fail to name the problem. They talk about “terrorists” in generic terms and how “our thoughts and prayers” are with the victims etc.  To hell with the platitudes!

Here is how it should be done by enlightened leaders:

Statement from an Enlightened Western Leader on the Islamist Jihad Attacks in Brussels, Belgium

For Immediate Release

I am outraged and angry about the attacks in Brussels perpetrated by devotees of the violent political/religious ideology of Islamism.

We stand united in our grief and extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those murdered.

Our nation has awoken to the reality of Islamist ideology and we will take action. Jihad fighters returning to our nation from foreign shores will be arrested. Those holding dual citizenship will be deported regardless of the dangers they may face abroad.

The message is clear: if you wage war in the name of Islam against this nation, our allies, or against free people anywhere, you are our enemy. We will hunt you down and destroy you.

Here in our homeland, we have designated the Muslim Brotherhood and any affiliated organizations as terrorist organizations.  Leaders of these organizations will be arrested as terrorists and those holding dual citizenship will be deported.

In the meantime, the immigration eligibility framework will be updated to disqualify applicants with Islamist affiliations and to favour those that are being victimized by Islamist ideology: Yazidis, Christians, vulnerable Muslim minority groups, atheists, gays, etc.

Intelligence services of our nation will no longer pursue a policy of mass surveillance. Instead, these resources will focus on groups and individuals affiliated with Islamist ideology. Mosques, madrasas, and Islamic centers will be scrutinized for promoting extremist ideology. Those promoting violent Jihad, support for Islamic State, etc. will be designated terrorist organizations.  Those who promote shariah law, such as death for apostasy, homosexuality, stoning for adultery, etc. will lose their status as charitable organizations. We will respect their freedom of speech to defend these ideas. However, we will not provide these intolerant organizations with the legitimacy of charitable designation.

Our Nation recognizes that violent Jihad is part of a continuous 1400 year war against western values and democracy. We also recognize that there are many progressive/reform Muslims and ex-Muslims that share western values and are also threatened by Islamist ideology and we will support and defend them. It is important that we reject Islamism, as an ideology, rather than attack Muslims, as individuals, who have a broad range of belief. Muslims who pursue Islam as a religious belief and respect the separation of religion state, should be welcomed and accepted by all. This government will not tolerate vigilante actions against any religious group or individuals in this Nation.

We will uphold our liberal western values by no longer accommodating and appeasing the intolerant religiously motivated political ideology of Islamism.

In time, Islamism is a doomed project because it brutality demands slave-like submission to an inhuman ideology. Enlightenment values shall prevail. We will not retreat, we will not surrender!




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